bandeau tbt400

Automotive sector migrate on ENX/ANX® networks :

A proof of IP maturity !

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TBT400 supports ENX/ANX networks.

These automobile telecommunications networks which are private, safe, with high flow are based on Internet technologies but are distinguished some thanks to their added values which emanate from the performance, the availability, the management, as well as from safety that they provide.


minimal response time garanteed, maximum flow, and error rate limited by the operatores.


the sensitivity of transported flows require a network always available - Internet cannot currently offer that. With ENX, each correspondent can require a guarantee from the service supplier to respect the network availability, in order to satisfy its own needs.

Management & execution,

conditions of quality are guaranteed by the management and the execution of the network (a new central point of contact).


ENX guarantees the suitable conditions of safety for the authentification (shipper and recipient are identified clearly), the integrity of the data, the confidentiality (the data cannot be read by thirds).