Networks supported by TBT400

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TBT400 supports ENX/ANX networks, automotive telecommunications networks which are private, safe, with high flow...

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Multi line support

TBT400 can manage any number of X25, X32, or ISDN connections. This in particular allows managing backed-up TRANSPAC subscriptions (two physical lines on IBM i for a logical external view).

TBT400 provides full X25 support: never locks up (such as special configuration demanded by a mainframe in the call-packet user field).

Multi-circuit support

TBT400 manages as many simultaneous calls as there are resources available (number of virtual circuits, for example). This allows paralleling of incoming calls, multi-box support, simultaneous send-and-receive etc.

Full X32 support

TBT400 integrally employs the X32 support: it requires no X25 <=> X32 conversion protocol (’MOCAM’ type). This allows processing incoming calls in X32, and therefore direct resetting for VAN's featuring this function (i.e. practically all). In actual fact, TBT400 gives X32 connections the same Transpac access possibilities as an X25 connection: only the operating costs are different, as well as the maximum reasonably possible load (less than fifty megabytes a month, approximately, given the current Transpac tariff conditions for X32).

Line supervision

TBT400 employs a robot function that periodically analyses the line status; it can put a line into service if necessary.

TBT400 optionally answers operator messages. This is particularly interesting under X32, where lines problems are frequent and require the intervention of an operator, failing which traffic on the line in question may be frozen.

Parallelism Support

TBT400 allows to define, for each partner, number of simultaneous incoming and outgoing conversations.