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SNADS recovery

To meet the needs of certain clients, IPLS added to the many features of TBT400 : the SNADS ™ recovery. As it is an emulation, operating controls of TBT400 are strictly identical to the SNADS ™ ones (same use, same settings, etc. ...).

Through this method, all your applications developed around SNADS ™ can use TBT400 without any code modification.

Strong points of SNADS recovry with TBT400

  • Transparency and reliability of the solution through:
    • emulation of SNADS ™ commands (names, objects type and identical settings)
    • "standard" use of TBT400 (IP protocol, monitoring and archiving of the transfers, warning systems, security, etc. ...)
    • use of logical files dedicated to TBT400
  • Compatibility HIGH AVAILABILLITY
    • All the resources used by TBT400 are compatible with the tools of "Mirroring"
  • Evolution is possible
    • to powerful TBT concepts(IFS support, parallelism, triggering process through remote multiTBT, etc. ...)
  • Manual / interactive mode of simplified TBT400,
  • Centralization of all or part of the EDI
    • simplified and scalable architecture, unique technical service, etc...

In operating terms, a fundamental improvement has been created in comparison to SNADS ™: a real track of your data is provided as the behaviour of the system of reception is archived on the sending system (name of job receipt of qualifying received file). It is thus allowed to know that a file has been submitted at am 08:00, transferred to the target system at am 08:01, approved by the target application at am 08:02 and successfully treated by it at am 08:03.

Moreover, in case of incident a system of lift alerts is operational (standard ofTBT400).

Evolution to multiTBT

  • Possiblity to send records processing, return codes, applicative reports ...
  • Optional parallelism of the received files process
  • Optional re-routing to external networks (TBT400B used in front in a DMZ)
  • Sending of native files, spools, IFS
  • Triggering of remotely applications with parameters transfers
  • History +crossed monitoring (local and remote)
  • Triggering alerts...
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