bandeau tbt400

TBT400 : A communications platform

TBT400 is a communications platform providing for all transfers directly from your IBM i. Features: full security, automatic process, complete monitoring, using just-in-time and/or by time-slice control while requiring NO dedicated front-end processor.

Different components constitute a communications platform. We check them here under.

superviseur de communication

TBT400 nucleus

Common to all installations, this kernel monitors the various product components. It manages the waiting lines, including accesses to same, acceptance tasks, and the various communications drivers.
It is formalized by several main functions:

API - TBT400

TBT400 provides messages or file transfers between various types of recipients.

The TBT400 API layer allows a user program to send messages or files to another application, or to a recipient of the "terminal" type (fax, telex etc.) or to a computer. It can similarly receive messages or files for routing to your applications.

Your applications are identified to TBT400 in the form of a logical name or application name (eight characters).

Your opposite party is also identified by an application name. For communications towards an outside network, the application name depends on the driver used, and must be $EXTERNA for a non-server driver (or $EXTERNB or $EXTERNC depending on the network). Actual identification of the opposite party will be achieved by identification of the access network and its real address (depending on host network).


In order to offer a maximum degree of integration with your information system, TBT400 provides a set of bridges with leading software packages from the IBM i world.

A prime example is translators for the EDI or your company messaging system. These bridges are intended to relieve you of any need to interface between the TBT400 - managing the calls - and your IBM i software package. This leaves you full control over your applications on the IBM i product of your choice.

Customer program

TBT400 can interface with your current applications.

Office Vision Interface

TBT400 interfaces automatically with the IBM OFFICE VISION messaging system. Thus, directly from the messaging system, users may exchange messages with the outside via selected networks according to the TBT400 options.

All necessary items are created automatically during installation. The various data items are reproduced below for reference.

Protocolar strata

TBT400 is a supervisor multi protocol. To know some more, click here.

Network support

TBT400 is multi line, multi-circuit support and employs a robot function for line supervision. To know some more, click here.