Functions & specifications of TBT400

A software-only solution (no front-end microprocessor) that can be fully managed remotely. Comprising several modules, TBT400 evolves at the same time as your company, depending on your volumes of communications, the IBM i model, the polling mode etc.

As a native IBM i application, it naturally integrates with applications while benefiting from IBM i operating modes and network infrastructure.

  • Faxes and telexes can be sent from within applications, spool files or the built-in editor.
  • Calls to banks (bank transfers, commercial paper, account statements etc.). File transfers (standardized or otherwise) with partners etc. TBT400 interfaces with the main commercially available EDI translators (EDITRADE, EDI400. EDIBASE etc.).
  • Mediums include : The Internet, Atlas 400, GEIS, IBM GN or IN, British Telecom, Graphnet, Allegro, Transpac, ISDN etc.
  • Dialogue with other commercially available communication products (CFT, TOM/TED etc.).
  • Analytical billing and follow-up of transmissions.
  • Other automated functions: security, archiving and dumps.,
  • IFS Management
  • MultiTBT Management
  • Alerts management by e-mail and / or SMS...