Directory functions

TBT400 provides the following directory functions :

Multi-protocol directory
  • TBT400 has a multi-protocol directory, with interactive updates. Each update is effective immediately. All networks known to TBT400 are integrated into this directory.
  • TBT/40 centralizes via the directory all network addresses, transmission profiles used (EBCDIC or ASCII for example).
  • In transmission, the application program using TBT400 need know neither the network nor the network address of the correspondent. TBT400 assures therefore the independence with the network used.
  • In reception, the same directory serves to identify the source of files received and eventually to personalize the processing of them.

Address checking X25 or TCP/IP

TBT400 can, as an optional, control the X25 address of a caller. This provides an important enforcement of access security.

Access control to applications

TBT400 can, as an option, restrict the access, to applications which process incoming information, to only those correspondents formally authorized (and thus identified). This ensures that applications that have no means of effecting a control themselves are protected (e.g. a translator EDIFACT, for example, cannot know the source of a file, and consequently cannot be satisfactorily protected).