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The GUI module of TBT400

Studies now show that the use of Windows screens is instinctive among the vast majority of PC users. It is different for the famous green screen emulation 5250 of the iSeries that few people really know how to use. Driven by both IBM advocating the abandonment of 5250 and by the demands of increasingly pressing of our customers, we decided to develop webTBT.

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WebTBT, an active interface

WebTBT is not a simple graphical emulation but rather an active interface. It is a powerful and structured application using modern techniques to display and whose primary purpose is clearly the administration and supervision of your communication system.

What realizes webTBT more than TBT400?

Already new features TBT400 are in production on webTBT :

  • Simplification of setting screens,
  • Several authorization levels,
  • Evolved tool to search correspondents,
  • Separation of correspondents by protocol,
  • Separation of messages per protocol in supervision and history,
  • Multi-criteria research on the history and the directory,
  • Possibility to reissue a group of messages after selection,
  • Cancellation of a group of messages after selection,
  • Filter on history and directory per protocol ...

Interface web : technicaly

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