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TBT400 - New features

EBICS TS Profile
TBT Web Access

TBT400 - Capabilities overview


TBT400 implements AS2 protocol used for EDI transfers for mass market industry, transportation industry, etc.


TBT400 implements EBICS protocol and provides a secure way for your SEPA transactions on IBM server.

SSL/TLS, Data encryption, Digital signature, Hashing, File compression

TBT400 implements these concepts on all supported protocols


TBT400 now fully supports IPv6 (in coexistence with IPv4)


with TBT400, X25 frames are encapsulated within IP frames using XOT protocol. Perfectly adapted to the new IBM i (IOPLESS, no more native X25) XOT400 guarantee the sustainability of X25 applications
XOT400 allows also X31 access (X25 over ISDN)

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Allows in particular to convey the CAD and EDI from a single access. With TBT400, go to the ENX network (extranet dedicated to the automotive sector) without any modification of your applications.

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OFTP v.2,

Coming from the automotive sector in particular bringing the concepts of encryption, strong authentication, electronic signature and compression to overcome the weaknesses of TCP / IP.

Applicative acknowledgements

This module, specific to TBT400 allows full tracking of every message from one point of view "application. " Fully automated, it is incorporated into most protocols available TBT400 and that, whatever software or platform used by the remote site (Linux, Windows NT, Windows XP ...).


TBT400 allows to use a programming toolbox , with functions such reading/writing files using CL programs, to generate commands using objects, Ifs files, spools svanning, to crypt, sign, ...

TBT400 - FTP Client/serveur,

TBT400 FTP, as well as client and server. The implementation is completely secure and automated .....

WebTBT, a dedicated web interface for TBT400

To improve TBT400 ergonomics, select the http administration of TBT400 with already new features: multi-criteria search, reissue or cancellation of messages groups, separation of correspondents by protocol...

E-Mail or SMS Alerts

TBT400 can now alerts using E-Mail and/or SMS. The method suggested, of course, is not limited to the exclusive use of TBT400.

IFS (Integrated File system)

IFS is an OS/400 component authorizing file access in mode ' Stream', in a way similar to PC or Unix world; the various access methods used on IBM i are federate in this component ( ' Native ' files, ' folders ', 'Root' files ). TBT400 proposes, in its last version, access to such files.

and some useful tools only available on TBT400
  • Full compatibility with SNADS
  • Automatic backup IP / X25
  • Spools Save/Restore
  • PDF, Tiff, Pcl, Gif Spools conversion
  • Supervision capabilities for your EDI, centralization of your sensible data and communication mechanisms.
    To enforce the safety of your communications with external networks, IPLS provides MultiTBT, a multisite version of TBT400.