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Protocols supported by TBT400
General information:

The ODETTE file transfer protocol is used in many countries gathered in the ODETTE organization, whose GALIA is the correspondent in France. It is in particular used in the automobile world, and is an access to the Value-added network GEIS, thus IBM GN (ex IN).

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TBT400 implements OFTP V2 protocol with the following benefits:
  • Fully compatible with OFTP V1
  • Support of:
    • TCP/IP directly connected to the internet,
    • TCP/IP on VPN, ENX, ANX, XOT,
    • X25, ISDN,
  • Secutity:
    • Authentifcation,
    • Communication encryption (SSL/TLS),
    • Data encryption,
    • Digital signature.
TBT400 and Odette protocol:

TBT400 allows communications over an X25, X32, ISDN connection or ENX/ANX network (automotive intranet). It receives, either by direct deposit or explicit polling, files or messages in text or transparent mode then feeds them to your applications; it also gives your applications a means of transmitting messages or files to final addressees.

TBT400 exchanges files directly with the final recipient, or over a VAN (for example GEIS) employing an ODETTE-protocol access. It manages all messages envisaged under the said protocol, and can send your applications all information regarding the network.

TBT400 operates two ways (either calling, or answering your callers).

TBT400 can provide files on a server basis (your callers can call in to collect).

TBT400 has passed every test imposed by GALIA, and is therefore certified ODETTE - GALIA.

For more information on Odette, visit the web site